Advocate Spotlight: Doris Sanders

Representative Gayle Harrell (left) poses with Doris Sanders (right) at the Sage Awards


At the Alzheimer’s Association Southeast Florida Chapter, we have the extraordinary honor to serve our community and work with amazing volunteers. These volunteers help us get closer and closer to our vision of a world without Alzheimer’s.

Today, we are shining a light on one of our incredible advocates, Doris Sanders. Doris is a former full-time caregiver to her husband Joe, and since his passing, she has become a full-time advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association.

She currently serves as the Ambassador to Patrick Murphy. In this capacity, she updates the Congressman and his staff about issues relating to Alzheimer’s disease. She also advocates for an increase in research funding and legislation that helps caregivers and individuals living with Alzheimer’s.

Doris’ work led to the Congressman signing on to the HOPE for Alzheimer’s Act  and lending his support to a monumental increase of $350 million in NIH research funding for Alzheimer’s.

She also has worked to make Alzheimer’s a priority here in the state of Florida. She just recently attended our Rally in Tally event to advocate for research funding and an increase in funding for respite services. There are over 1 million unpaid caregivers in the state of Florida. As former full-time caregiver, Doris knows the toll the disease takes on all those involved.

Even though the reward of volunteerism is bringing awareness to a cause, Doris has also been rewarded by her community for her outstanding advocacy efforts. She won the Area Agency on Aging Prime Time Award in 2014; she was a finalist for TC Palm’s Healthcare Champions Award in 2015; and she most recently was nominated for a SAGE Award.

A big thank you to Doris Sanders for all she does for our cause!


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